Catherine Cohen (@catccohen) on Exhaustion, Facebook, and Jeans

Catherine Cohen is a comedian/ voiceover artist living in Brooklyn. She performs on a house team at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and hosts It’s A Guy Thing at Union Hall, which was listed by Paste Magazine as one of the top alt comedy shows in NYC and will be part of the New York Comedy Festival on November 5th. Cohen is part of the New American Comedy Collective and performs standup all around NYC. You can follow her @catccohen for tweets and Instagram poetry. This week she talked to me about three of her favorite tweets and shared some valuable fashion opinions.

Cohen: This tweet is an homage to every movie I watched growing up where the big reveal at the end is that the woman who used to do dumbass shit like “wear glasses” and “read books” is actually fuckable! I still feel like all #content I see today will only feature a woman if she’s victoria’s secret angel status and if she’s not then the whole piece has to be about why she isn’t and why did she choose not to be? I don’t know. I’m exhausted.

I get this and also feel like so much of the internet is extremely exhausting! Are there any particular things online that you find energizing?

There are so many smart, funny, and talented women online! When I want to remember I am human I read through Jenny Slate’s Twitter and scroll through my friend Hallie Bateman’s art on Instagram. I also love unfollowing stressful people on Facebook because there is no time for that!!

What are your favorite and least favorite things about social media?

My favorite thing about social media is the sweet, sweet high of seeing those likes rush in!!!

My least favorite thing is when I’m scrolling through Facebook and zone out and click on Facebook in my bookmarks bar in an attempt to navigate to Facebook even though I am literally already looking at Facebook????? I’m doing perfect

Hmm guess you can say this was “inspired from my life” in that this exact thing happened last week and I laughed for 100 hours alone while my boyfriend sat in a cloud of my waste asking if we can just keep watching the movie. I just think it’s so funny that my reflex was to yell OW? Like a natural process of my body caused me pain? OMG why are we so afraid to let our bodies be natch? Maybe because of the #patriarchy? LOL also I’m just nasty & like to let my light shine.

What are your fave topics to tweet about, and are they the same things you like talking about in standup/other writing/LIFE?

I love tweeting about my butthole, app culture, how men are bad, and what it’s like to not be a thin person. I love to make fun of stuff that I actually love (horoscopes, ancient grains, $15 juice). I definitely pull from my tweets for my standup, character comedy, and poetry.

Are there topics that you don’t like tweeting about for any reason?

I don’t think so–I think my parents read my Twitter and I tweet very personal things that I would never tell them, but what can you do? My brand cannot rest.

How similar do you think your Twitter voice is to your IRL voice?

I sound like such a little brat on Twitter, and I do think it’s funny to lean into that persona, but I like to think I’m more down to earth™ IRL :)

I have been stuck in a dressing room for my entire life looking for a pair of jeans that don’t hurt when I sit down or eat??? They are always too small and even if they are too big they end up like inside my vagina? I’m broken. But yeah I hate how jeans have been branded as CHILL and FUN and omg do not get me started on BOYFRIEND JEANS??? my hips are twice the size of any boyfriend I’ve ever had. Anyways, enough with jeans being THE pant. I’ll opt for a gaucho or a casual gown any day of the week !

Thank you for this. Do you have any other fashion opinions you’d like to share before you go?

Velvet is a year-round staple, underwear is useless, and paying money to get rid of your pubes is fucked!!

Photo by Sandy Honig.

Jenny Nelson lives and writes in Brooklyn.

Catherine Cohen (@catccohen) on Exhaustion, Facebook, […]