Gabrielle Union Sues BET Over Alleged Being Mary Jane Breach of Contract

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

It seemed like an emotionally taxing month for Gabrielle Union already, and now this. The Being Mary Jane star filed a lawsuit against BET on Tuesday, claiming the network is in breach of contract following changes to the show’s shooting schedule. According to Deadline, the Birth of a Nation actress’s contract caps each season of the popular drama series at a maximum of 13 episodes. BET’s alleged attempt to shoot all 20 episodes of seasons four and five in a row, a move that the suit claims would allow the network to “cram all of the episodes into a single season in order to fraudulently extend the term of Ms. Union’s contract,” would subvert the per-season raise built into Union’s deal. “We filed this lawsuit because of BET’s outrageous conduct toward its No. 1 star on its highest rated show,” Union’s lawyer Marty Singer told Deadline. The suit similarly declares, “It is outrageous that BET would treat one of its biggest stars in this manner after all she has done to support the network and contribute to its success.” Yeah, so maybe November is the month Gabrielle Union finally gets to relax. Oh wait, next month is the election … okay, December then. January maybe.

Gabrielle Union Sues BET Over Being Mary Jane