How Do the Game of Thrones Actors Compare to the Characters?

Photo: HBO; Michael Komarck

We wouldn’t trade Maisie Williams for another actress for all the gold in King’s Landing, but she doesn’t quite have the profile that inspired a spiteful sister to call her “horseface” in the books. While some of the actors portraying the people of Westeros and Essos in the television adaptation of Game of Thrones come very close visually to how their counterparts are written on the page, others are worlds away (Daario Naharis, for one, had a dyed-blue beard). Thanks to the massive, illustrated version of George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones, released on Tuesday, we can see how certain characters would look when they’re depicted closer to how Martin described them. Some of the images are recognizable to hardcore fans — from The World of Ice and Fire or A Song of Ice and Fire calendars — but others are new commissions from artists such as Magali Villeneuve, Arantza Sestayo, Michael Komarck, and Mariana Moreno. The biggest difference in how the characters look? The kids were so young!

How the GOT Actors Compare to the Characters