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Here’s a First Look at the Emoji Movie, Which Is Called EmojiMovie: Express Yourself [Gasp Emoji]

Hacker emoji Jailbreak (Ilana Glazer), exuberant Gene (T.J. Miller) and his handy best friend Hi-5 (James Corden) embark on the app-venture of a lifetime in Sony Pictures Animation's EMOJIMOVIE: EXPRESS YOURSELF, in theaters summer 2017.
Photo: Sony Pictures Animation

We are far from the land of first looks that tell us nothing, because this first look from the emoji movie, which is called EmojiMovie: Express Yourself, tells us everything we need to know [shocked emoji]. The film stars T.J. Miller as an emoji named Gene, “who has a wide range of facial expressions, unlike other emojis living in the messaging app Textopolis” [just what kind of horrible dystopia is Textopolis? thoughtful emoji]. Then, Gene goes on an “app-venture” across the phone to try to find the code to fix himself [brave emoji]. During that quest, Gene gets help from best friend Hi-5 (voiced by James Corden), a literal high-five, and “the code breaker Jailbreak” (Ilana Glazer) [that emoji where you can’t tell if it’s a grin or a grimace]. EmojiMovie: Express Yourself will hit theaters on August 11, 2017 [whale emoji, just because]. In the bottom right corner of the first look, you can see a poop emoji coming to wreak havoc on us all [poop emoji].

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