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Gordon Ramsay’s The F Word Is Relaunching in America, But With a Slightly Different Format

Los Angeles' No Kid Hungry Dinner
Photo: 2016 Getty Images

Get ready for some live colorful swearing coming our way, you buggers. Gordon Ramsay’s popular food program The F Word which aired in the U.K. between 2005 and 2010 — will be relaunching on Fox next year, with a slightly tweaked format. Half live-cooking competition, half variety show, every week Fox’s version will have “foodie families” from across the U.S. battling in a cook-off with the goal of wooing Ramsay, the diners, and the VIPs present with their culinary skills. In addition to the competition, each hour-long episode will also find Ramsay chatting with surprise guests and appearing in special field segments that revolve around food. (Who could forget cooking omelettes with Joan Collins?) This is Ramsay’s fifth program for Fox, who by shall now only be addressed as the Cookery King, OBE.

Gordon Ramsay’s The F Word Relaunching in U.S.