Common, Like You, Got So Inspired by Solange’s ‘Cranes in the Sky’ That He Remixed It

You snag that seat, Common. Photo: Getty Images

As we all scramble for a seat at Solange’s table, there’s already one man making a good case to sit at her side. Having heard and subsequently been enraptured by the album’s standout track, “Cranes in the Sky,” Common has now remixed the song because he just couldn’t resist. “Every once and a few years, there are certain songs that come out and have the sound of forever. ‘Cranes in the Sky’ is that song for me,” he tells the Fader. “Every time I listened to it, I keep wanting to hear it again and again. I started mumbling some words to it and then decided I want to write a verse. This is an unofficial remix simply inspired by the love of art.” Perhaps also knowing Solo is the music consultant for Insecure and thinking, Yes, this will definitely win over the whole damn table, Common even shouts out Insecure star Issa Rae. (There’s also this amusing line: “Don’t touch my hair, I’m bald-headed.”) May the power of black women compel you, too, to get on their level.

Hear Common Remix Solange’s ‘Cranes in the Sky’