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Here Are Rachel Bloom’s Favorite Songs and Song-Based Memories About Sex and Death

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Rachel Bloom Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

As of tonight, the long wait for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s second season on the CW has ended. But if you’re a super-fan and need something to hold you over between episodes (damn you, un-binge-able, regular-old, one-week-a-time, episodic cable TV!), may we recommend sampling creator and star Rachel Bloom’s favorite songs and music-based memories, courtesy of a very fun Q&A with Billboard? Her tastes and recollections are all either perfect or perfectly strange — befitting of someone who can straddle sexy, goofy, and freaky, often in a single scene.

It makes sense, for example, that her first concert was Bette Midler with her parents; it makes less sense (but a lot of sense, if you really think about it) that her first album purchase was the soundtrack to A Goofy Movie (verdict? It “holds up”). Similarly, it’s understandable that she’d go through an Offspring phase (us too, Rachel), but less so that she’d think, “There is something about them that feels musical theater just because their songs are these weird, wacky stories and they are very lyric focused.” And of course, someone as sunny and funny as Bloom would want the song “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” by Monty Python played at her funeral. But only someone who composed a song called “Don’t Settle for Me” would associate her first sexy-time memory with the theme song to Futurama. With all of that ammunition in her music brain, we can’t wait to see what becomes of Rebecca and Josh in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend season two.

Here Are Rachel Bloom’s Fave Sex and Death Songs