Hidden Figures’ Release Date Has Been Moved Up, So at Least You and Your Family Will Have One Nice Memory From the Holidays

While of course there are no guarantees in this world, or on the moon, Fox’s decision to move up Hidden Figures’ release date from January 13, 2017 seems designed to put the NASA biopic and its leading ladies, Taraji P. Henson, Janelle Monae, and Octavia Spencer, on the flight path to next year’s awards season. According to Deadline, Hidden Figures will get a limited Christmas Day run, with a wide release scheduled for January 6. While the whole concept of Oscar bait might itself be a fallacy, if it’s not, well, there are few things you could put at the end of that hook more tantalizing than an inspiring historical drama. Merry Christmas, one and all.

Hidden Figures’ Release Date Moved Up