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Iggy Pop Tells the Story of a Crowd-Surfing Attempt That Literally Fell Flat in an Exclusive Gimme Danger Clip

One of the rock-star lessons you have to learn the hard way: Never jump into a crowd unless you’re sure people are ready to catch you. That’s the story behind a few of Iggy Pop’s broken front teeth, as he reveals this exclusive clip from Jim Jarmusch’s upcoming documentary Gimme Danger. The film chronicles the history of the Stooges, who, according to Jarmusch himself, are the “greatest rock ‘n’ roll band ever,” thanks in a large part to their insanely energetic live shows — even if some of their stunts went over like Three Stooges bits. The doc premieres in New York and Detroit today, and opens nationwide on November 4.

Iggy Pop Fails to Crowd Surf in Gimme Danger