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James Franco Will Wink at You Until You Vote for Hillary Clinton, So You Might As Well Just Do It

Here in America, we, at our most optimistic, like to believe that our elections are won or lost based on the issues that voters believe represent their best interests. But politics is a dirty, muddled game, and who is to say how one will be swayed when James Franco starts stumping for Hillary? Working with the Women Vote! project, Franco stars in a new Clinton campaign ad about “The Most Interesting Woman in the World.” And yes, it’s a parody of the Dos Equis campaign, but here’s the salient bit: It’s 30 seconds of a mustachioed James Franco speaking in a tone of patient seduction, then several more seconds of James Franco staring unflinchingly at the camera, at you, into your soul. So in an election season that feels more polarized than ever, let me reintroduce you that former paramour of ours — uneasy ambivalence.

James Franco Stumps for HRC in James Franco Way