John Cleese Recapped All of The Walking Dead for You, in Case You Happen to Be an Absolute Maniac Who Starts a Show 7 Seasons In

If there’s anything more unsettling and daunting than surviving in a world populated by ravenous, undead hordes, it’s getting caught up with a show like The Walking Dead. This ain’t no Friends; you can’t just breeze through it. (Though if a zombie apocalypse did occur, Monica would almost certainly go full Negan on Joey with a baseball bat.) Luckily for you, beloved comedy icon John Cleese has summarized both the plot and life lessons of The Walking Dead thus far ahead of its Sunday season premiere. Spoiler upon spoiler alert: If you have a problem with the idea of someone biting off your cheek entirely, this show continues to not be for you.

John Cleese Recaps All of The Walking Dead