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John Oliver Offers to Give Donald Trump His Emmy in Exchange for Good Behavior on Election Day

Even though Donald Trump refuses to say whether he’ll concede the election if he should lose on November 8, John Oliver has an offer for the Republican candidate that he won’t want to refuse. When Hillary Clinton shined a light on Trump’s record of lamenting “rigged results” even when it came to his reality show The Apprentice losing at the Emmys, the Last Week Tonight host saw a solution. “It increasingly seems like, if Donald Trump loses, we are not going to get the concession speech that the country badly needs, because he is medically incapable of accepting that he is a loser,” Oliver said. “So we need to find a way for him to give a concession speech, while he’s still able to claim that he won something.”

Luckily, Oliver has the perfect consolation prize, which he won just last month for Best Variety Talk Series. He offered to give his Emmy away with a bet: If Trump loses, which seems increasingly likely, the candidate would still go home with Oliver’s statue. We’ll repeat the comedian’s goad here: “Take the bet, Donald. Take the fucking bet!”

John Oliver Bets Donald Trump His Emmy