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John Oliver Slams Trump Tape: ‘F*ck Billy Bush’

On Sunday’s Last Week Tonight, John Oliver slammed Donald Trump and Billy Bush for the lewd, graphic comments they made about women in a leaked Access Hollywood tape from 2005. While Oliver thought we were already at rock bottom, it turns out we can go even lower. “Last Sunday, I told you that if you looked above the clouds, you would see rock bottom,” Oliver said. “Since then, we have sunk so low we are breaking through the Earth’s crust, where drowning in boiling magma will come as sweet, sweet relief.” In the video, Bush does not speak out against Trump for his disrespectful remarks, but instead tries to get Arianne Zucker to hug both him and Trump. “Incidentally, fuck Billy Bush. Fuck that guy. Fuck him,” Oliver declared. Watch an unofficial version of the video above.