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Jon Hamm Accepted His Oh, Hello Understudy Role With a Text and Some Emojis, Because He’s a Very Professional Man Who Knows What He Wants

Swell Mad Men alumni Jon Hamm and John Slattery are currently serving as (very silly) understudies for their friends’ leading roles on Oh, Hello on Broadway, but perhaps the silliest events surrounding the casting occurred when John Mulaney and Nick Kroll officially approached him to join the production. You see, actor’s equity is a pesky thing, and Mulaney needed some type of written confirmation from Hamm and in return, he got a thumbs-up emoji and an okay-hand-sign emoji. (Not to mention, the simplest of bios.) Hamm’s a man of simple means! Remember the carousel campaign for the Kodak account?

Jon Hamm Explains His Oh, Hello Understudy Role