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Hey, Not Sure If You Heard, But Justin Timberlake Voted Early and It Went Great

For all of his kind-faced, boy-bander cred, Justin Timberlake is a bad boy. He’s a rebel, a troublemaker — not just a lawbreaker, but a flouter of said broken laws. And, like every bad boy worthy of the title, he’s super-chill about being bad. Timberlake got into a bit of hot water this week when, in an attempt to get out the vote, he took a selfie of himself voting early. Now, in Tennessee, that’s illegal and an offense punishable by jail time. But, hey, if you ask Timberlake about his week, it’s allllll gooood. Timberlake wanted to get people excited about voting and he accomplished that and then some, spreading the word about some obscure legislation, so, you know, nothing much is up with him, how ’bout you?

Justin Timberlake Talks That Low-Key Voting Pic