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Ken Bone, an Undecided Voter and Red-Sweater Wearer, Was Adorable on Jimmy Kimmel Live

During Sunday night’s presidential debate, to paraphrase an Oscar Wilde quote, we were all lying in the gutter, but some of us were looking at the bright, shining beacon of sincerity that is undecided Missouri voter Ken Bone. Wearing a snappy red sweater, Kenneth Bone became an internet sensation during the town-hall-style second debate, when he enthusiastically asked the candidates a question about energy. Since then, he has given several interviews confirming America’s suspicion that he might just be the best fellow citizen we could hope for. Even his excuse for being undecided on Monday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live is sweet and reasonable: “I try to really base all of my decisions on positive things … Donald Trump, maybe, is more in line with my economic interests because I work in coal, electricity, but I would really hate for anyone’s rights to be taken back. We fought so hard for marriage equality and rights expanded to more Americans, and it would be unconscionable for me to see those rights taken away by a Supreme Court justice appointed by Donald Trump.” Kimmel suggests Bone go out for some celebrity endorsements, which would be a great idea if coal doesn’t work out.

Ken Bone Was Adorable on Jimmy Kimmel Live