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Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon Get Scared, Fart in a Haunted House

On Thursday night’s Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon took his pal Kevin Hart to New York City’s “scariest haunted house,” Blood Manor. The pair were reunited in honor of their infamous 2014 roller-coaster adventure, which ended with a nonconsensual (for Kevin) second ride. Apparently there is nothing these two like more than yelling in abject terror in each others’ faces while trying not to swear. Highlights of the terrifying trip through Blood Manor include: Hart trying to make a joke until he’s scared off his punch line by a woman in white; Jimmy screaming “Kevin!” with a prepubescent crack; the way anyone looks in night vision (like raccoons caught in your garbage); and Kevin’s almost-touching admission that he has just farted … right as a creeper sneaks up from behind. Sorry, creeper, you got crop-dusted.

Kevin Hart Farted in a Haunted House Last Night