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Kyle MacLachlan Teases the Twin Peaks Revival: ‘It’s Gonna Be Amazing’

Photo: Courtesy of Festival of Disruption

When 1,600 lucky attendees descended upon the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles this past weekend to attend David Lynch’s inaugural Festival of Disruption, the chief question on everyone’s mind was obvious: Would a first look, any look, of Showtime’s hotly anticipated (and astoundingly secretive) Twin Peaks revival be shown? The answer, sadly, was no although festivalgoers were treated to a pretty sweet Peaks pop-up merchandise shop, which included Great Northern Hotel matchboxes and Log Lady–themed totes. But Kyle MacLachlan, a.k.a. Special Agent Dale Cooper, did share a few thoughts on the upcoming series during a moderated conversation with his Blue Velvet co-star Laura Dern on Sunday evening. (It’s confirmed that Dern, too, will appear as one of the 217 cast members.)

“It’s so exciting,” MacLachlan said. “That character is my favorite ever, I mean ever. It’s pretty special. Just the excitement I have having the opportunity to go back to work with David because it’s been a long time and I’ve missed it. I’ve really missed it. The first day back on set I was so happy. It was like no time had passed. We were both a little older, a little wiser, a little grayer. We had a lot of fun. It’s gonna be amazing.” Later in the evening when Lynch made his first (and only) public appearance at the festival, his tease was far more cruel. “I was excited to be here tonight to tell you some secret information on the new Twin Peaks,” he began, before looking offstage and continuing, “Oh no, we’re out of time. Bye!”

Kyle MacLachlan Teases the Twin Peaks Revival