Lady Gaga Explains Why She Went Jazz for Those of You Still Hating

Brandon Maxwell - Front Row & Backstage - September 2016 New York Fashion Week
Let Gaga live. Photo: Gary Gershoff/WireImage/Getty Images

Fandoms are a fickle bunch — one day they’re fighting to be Mother Monster’s favorite child, the next they’re filing for emancipation. Two years ago, when Lady Gaga expanded her art-pop orbit to include — gasp!— jazz, the world responded with a resounding “huh?” after she dropped a duets album with Tony Bennett. To those who continue to feel betrayed, expecting shock-pop and fashion films for music videos forever, Gaga kindly requests that you chill out. “I wanted to become a woman,” she explains to T magazine of her creative redirection. “My audience went, ‘Wait, why is she singing jazz? What’s going on?’ And then they went, ‘Oh, because she can. Because she loves it.’ And jazz, a music invented by the African-American community, is the greatest art form, I believe, to have ever come out of this country.” In other words, Gaga grew up and so should we.

Lady Gaga Explains Why She Went Jazz