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Stephen Colbert Brainstorms Show Ideas for Trump TV, Reminding You to Call Your Agent and Set Up a Pitch Meeting Now

Do you have any terrible TV-show ideas? Truly awful concepts no other network would touch? Better get your people to call Trump’s people (they’re all just Trump doing a slightly different voice) to set up a meeting now, because every unemployed TV writer and their unemployed TV-writer mother are going to want to get in on the ground floor at Trump TV. Stephen Colbert kicked off the brainstorm last night on Late Show, and now you can’t stop coming up with gems. An Apprentice spinoff in which Donald Trump fires contestants based on whether or not they’re a romantically interested Salma Hayek? A Miss Universe pageant for other universes where women haven’t heard about all this mess? Law & Order: Hillary Goes to Super-Jail in Every Episode? There are a lot of hours to fill in a day of programming, and the opportunities for a hardworking creative are yuge.

Late Show Pitches Show Ideas to Trump TV