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Watch Laura Benanti Reprise Her Flawless Melania Trump Impersonation on Late Show

Melania Trump has been back in the spotlight, speaking with Anderson Cooper about her husband’s “locker-room talk,” so Stephen Colbert decided it was time he asked “Melania” (played by national treasure Laura Benanti) back on the show. Using her perfect impersonation, Benanti presented a plausible working theory for why Melania was willing to forgive her husband’s heinous, lewd comments: An off-screen media handler is feeding her the lines. With clear hesitation and confusion, Benanti as the potential future FLOTUS explains Donald’s “locker-room talk”: “I did not know this, but when American men gather to sport, they always brag about grabbing women by the Billy Bush.” When pressed about the gross comments, her response is perfect: “[All men are] animals,” Benanti says. “If only a woman could be president.”

Laura Benanti Reprises Her Melania Impersonation