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The Trailer for the Legends of the Hidden Temple TV Movie Has a Thing or Two to Say About the Imprudence of Wandering Away From Tour Groups

Look, nobody likes touring in groups. It’s a whole pack of tourists moving at a pace that isn’t precisely the pace you would’ve independently chosen for yourself, and isn’t that just impossible to bear, and, uh, are you guys still really that enamored with this boring painting over here, really? That’s why museums gave us self-guided tours, even if the devices are weirdly heavy and kind of hurt your neck, thank you very much. But still — are you listening, children of Earth? — that is no excuse to wander off. If you’re not going to heed this sage advice, just look at what happens to the kiddies in the Legends of the Hidden Temple TV movie, who beg off a boring tour and, instead of participating in a totally fun-time game show, end up on an obstacle course where the obstacle is … death. Original series host Kirk Fogg is back for the movie. Legends of the Hidden Temple hits the airwaves on November 26, in case you weren’t sure what exactly to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.

Legends of the Hidden Temple Movie Has a Trailer