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Lena Dunham Thinks Donald Trump Ought to Watch That Patrick Wilson Episode of Girls

12th Annual New York Television Festival - Creative Keynote: A Conversation With
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As with nearly every celebrity short of Scott Baio, there is no love lost between Lena Dunham and Donald Trump. She’s threatened to move to Canada if he’s elected; he’s threatened to be really, really happy about that. But art has the power to change minds and touch hearts, so who’s to say a well-curated pop-culture diet can’t turn this train around? Dunham was at the New York TV Festival on Thursday, reflecting on Girls in advance of its upcoming end, when, according to Variety, she was asked what episode of the series she would want The Donald to see. Her pick was one that would blow Trump’s mind, upending everything he seems to understand about or want from relations between the sexes. She went with “One Man’s Trash,” the episode wherein Dunham’s Hannah and a doctor played by Patrick Wilson spend a weekend hanging out and having sex a bunch.

Back when it aired, “One Man’s Trash” gained a certain level of infamy thanks to an ugly questioning of whether the pairing was plausible. It’s precisely that anxiety that Dunham explains would be fun to inflict on Trump. She said: “Just to bust open what a cool guy is and what makes a woman a ‘10’ … I just want to fuck with his mind.” So, you guys bring the popcorn, we’ll bring the misogynist?

Lena Dunham Wants Trump to Watch Girls