If You’re an A-Lister and You Aren’t in the Vote Your Future PSA, Looks Like You’re Slipping Down Into Those Bs

No one ever talks about the B-list stars, lost in some beige purgatory between the shiny golden A-list and the dismal dust-covered C-list. That’s probably because they aren’t in the new star-studded Vote Your Future PSA, or any of the other million spots urging Americans to, for the love of God, get registered already. If you didn’t spend any time texting in a photography studio greenroom next to Julia Roberts and Robert De Niro this fall, maybe give your agent and manager a call. Let them know Kathy Griffin got it and you didn’t. Honestly, maybe it’s time to explore your other options. Oh, and please do register to vote. If not for the fate of the nation, then at least for Laura Dern.

Even More A-Listers Want You to Vote