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Watch Luke Hemsworth — a 3rd Hemsworth! — Explain That He Also Exists

In the beginning, there was Australia. Then, there were the Hemsworths. First to reach the American shores was Chris Hemsworth, the middle child, who plays Thor, starred in Ghostbusters, and seems like a chill dude. Then came Liam, the youngest child, who starred in the Hunger Games films, got involved with Miley Cyrus, and seems like a chill dude. America, it seemed, was full up on Hemsworths. But there was another: Luke Hemsworth, the oldest child, who now appears on Westworld. Yes, you were not wrong, that chill security dude in Westworld is also a Hemsworth. He previously appeared in the Australian soap Neighbors. In the clips above and below, Luke introduces himself to Jimmy Kimmel, and to you.

Let Luke Hemsworth Introduce Himself