we honestly can't tell if he's joking

Someone Better Stick Him in a Cryogenic Chamber Stat, Because As of the Present Moment, Lil Wayne Might Not Know Who Donald Trump Is

Lil Wayne
Photo: Paul Natkin/Getty Images

When this election finally ends by a collective decision to scorch earth and start over, humanity’s renewal may be entrusted to one special man: Lil Wayne. That’s because if Lil Wayne’s words are to be taken at face value — a big if — he might be the sole resident of a little slice of bliss called Ignorance, where he slurps mai tais and has no idea who Donald Trump even is. In an interview with the New York Times, Lil Wayne was asked about his prison viewing habits, which included The Celebrity Apprentice. Questioned specifically about his take on the show’s former host, Donald Trump, Lil Wayne responded: “[Laughs] Who’s that?” Of course, print is the ultimate poker face, so it’s hard to say if his [laugh] was a I’m not sure who you’re taking about and will use laughter as a thin veneer [laugh] or a new phone, who dis [laugh]. In all likelihood, it’s probably the latter, but whether Lil Wayne’s a troll or the occupant of a deep as heck foxhole, can we have what he’s having?

Lil Wayne Might Not Know Who Donald Trump Is