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Martin Starr Might Be Dumb Enough to Pick Computer Mae Whitman Over Actual Mae Whitman in the Trailer for Operator

Okay, operator, get information stat, because we are gonna need Jesus on the line big time. In Operator, everything’s going swimmingly for a married couple played by Mae Whitman and Martin Starr as Starr’s character, a programmer, uses Whitman’s very soothing voice to create a call center program. Then [record scratch] everything goes awry when Starr starts preferring the computer Mae Whitman to flesh-and-blood Mae Whitman. Which is ridiculous. Do you know what a computer persona cannot do? Cry. Do you know what Mae Whitman can do better than pretty much any single one of Earth’s creatures? Cry, cry, baby! Ridiculous. Other TV people, including Nat Faxon and Retta, star in this farce, for those of you not sufficiently gutted by Her.

Mae Whitman Soothes Everyone in Operator Trailer