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Amy Sherman-Palladino Will Never Let Rami Malek Live Down His Gilmore Girls Cameo

Poor baby. Photo: VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images

Look, winning your first Emmy is stressful. You’ve gotta try to not trip on your way up to the stage, then be sure to form whole sentences in your acceptance speech, and remember to praise all the little people who helped paved your way. Being the one to give an Emmy-winning actor his first gig, however, is a thankless job. So sorry, Amy Sherman-Palladino, that means you. At EW PopFest over the weekend, the Gilmore Girls creators ran down the list of the show’s big-name guest stars through the years (Jon Hamm, people!), which includes your boo Rami Malek in his first-ever role. Back then, he was merely that dude in Lane’s bible study group; now he’s “the kid from Mr. Robot” and it’s all thanks to Sherman-Palladino. Or at least she thinks so. “You’re welcome for that Emmy, thank you,” she said. But, really, can we all just take a moment to thank our lucky stars for AS-P’s marvelous hat collection? Lorelai would approve.

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