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Like a Comet Pulled From Orbit, Matt Damon Is Kept Backstage at Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Made to Convince Idina Menzel That He Loves Wicked, Really

Matt Damon has been in a fight for the better part of the decade, only he didn’t know that it was happening until Wednesday. Yup, let Damon be a lesson to you all: If you feel something, say something, or Idina Menzel will forever interpret your silence after her performance in Wicked as evidence that you hated it, and hated her. But hey, if Wicked teaches us anything, it’s that it’s never too late to clear up a misunderstanding, so Damon popped in on Wednesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! to explain to his former super-fan that he totally did love Wicked, really, a lot, he promises. Which, come on, of course Matt Damon loves Wicked. He’s from Boston.

Matt Damon Insists That He Loves Wicked, Really