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Lady Gaga Forces Matt LeBlanc to Pick Which Friends Character He’d Sleep With, Defying Years Upon Years of Friends Canon

Lady Gaga really put Matt LeBlanc on the spot on The Late Late Show With James Corden by making him choose between Monica and Rachel. First of all, Joey’s answer would clearly be Rachel, as established by their long, fumbling romantic arc in the show’s eighth through tenth seasons. Second of all, while the character Joey and the actor Matt LeBlanc are not the same person, everyone’s answer would clearly be Rachel. Matt’s decision to pick Phoebe, while wrong, at least has deep roots in the show’s history, most notably in season six, episode 25 “The One With the Proposal: Part II.” Get your Friends knowledge up, Gaga. This is not a game. Okay, yes, it is literally a game, but you get the point.

Matt LeBlanc Reveals the Friend He’d Sleep With