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Matthew Perry Has an Entire Room Devoted to Batman in His House, Insists It Is Very Cool and Sexy in Case You Had Any Doubts

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Matthew Perry revealed that he has a man cave. And by man cave, he means an entire room devoted to Batman. But this is not some old, embarrassing secret. Perry created this room three to four years ago, which means it is a pretty recent, confusing decision. His obsession with Batman is not even based on the older films, but the Christian Bale version. Perry went on to explain how he curates this room, which consists of staying awake in the middle of the night to go on eBay and buy Batman stuff to throw into a room. We’ve all been there, and know too well that eBay is an enchanting place for insomniacs, but Perry wants you to know above all that it is not dorky. “It’s actually a cool Batman room,” he insists. “Sexy.”

Matthew Perry Has Entire Room Devoted to Batman