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Based on the Trailer, Midnight, Texas Wants to Out-True Blood True Blood

From the creator of True Blood comes NBC’s new supernatural drama Midnight, Texas, and all the sexy strange sex that comes with it. Based on Charlaine Harris’s book series of the same name, Midnight, Texas follows Francois Arnaud as a medium who finds himself in a town populated by a few dozen supernatural freaks, a couple hundred abs, and a murder victim who spits up an honestly comical amount of river water. The show isn’t scheduled to premiere until mid-season 2017, but between the vampire nudity, gigantic human angel wings, and jovial undead grandmas, Midnight, Texas will hopefully fill the Sookie-sized hole in your heart. Which, by the way, you should have died from already. Maybe time to check the Midnight, Texas apartment listings.

Midnight, Texas Trailer: Texan True Blood