The Mrs. Doubtfire House Is on the Market, Perfect for Hiding Weasels and Parking Porpoises

If you have a cool $4.5 million to spend and the Full House abode isn’t to your architectural liking, look no further, because we have another culturally significant San Francisco home on the market just for you. The iconic Victorian house from Mrs. Doubtfire located in San Fran’s affluent Pacific Heights neighborhood has been put on sale, which served as one of the main locations for Robin Williams’s classic nanny-in-drag antics. Unsurprisingly, the exterior has slightly changed since the film was released in 1993, but the interior still offers four bedrooms, three-and-a-half baths, and luxurious amenities such as a formal dining room that would make both Euphegenia Doubtfire and Mrs. Featherbottom swoon. Don’t think about buying it too long, or you’ll get hot flashes.

The Mrs. Doubtfire House Is on the Market