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In a Move You Can Probably Domo Arigato Mr. Robot for, NBC Is Adapting Hacker Film Sneakers

Get ready to have your heart, credit-card number, and deleted emails stolen by a gang of lovable hackers in NBC’s upcoming Sneakers series. According to Deadline, the network is developing a show based on Phil Alden Robinson’s 1992 comedy-drama, which followed a gang of “sneakers,” a.k.a. security hackers, tasked with testing the security measures of tech corporations. Things go awry in a very Mr. Robot way when the NSA hires the team to obtain a black box that can decode any encryption. Now, as for casting: Who are our modern-day Dan Aykroyd, River Phoenix, and Sydney Poitier?

NBC Is Adapting 1992 Hacker Film Sneakers for TV