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Ruth Wilson’s I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House Trailer Seeks to Permanently Ruin Houses for Everyone

Well, houses had a good run while it lasted. A great run, even. They beat caves and lean-tos by a mile. From The Conjuring 2 and The Boy to Darling and Don’t Breathe, the surge of haunted (or otherwise malevolent) house movies crested in 2016. At the top of that wave is Oz Perkins’s (son of the late, great Anthony) upcoming horror movie I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives in the House, which will debut on Netflix on October 28. Ruth Wilson stars as Lily, extremely nervous nurse to famous author Iris Bloom. After reading Bloom’s 19th-century murder novel The Lady in the Walls, Lily becomes convinced its protagonist Polly is not only a real murder victim, but extremely active within the home itself despite being, you know, not alive. Which, of course, is why we all live in tree forts and human-sized bird nests now. Can’t risk it. Too much stuff going on in houses.

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