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Niall Horan Would Rather Drink a Salmon Smoothie Than Name His Least Favorite Member of One Direction

That devious trickster James Corden has a new Late Late Show game in which he forces celebrities to either answer revealing questions about their lives and careers, or eat disgusting food. It’s incredibly dumb, and yet totally enthralling. Last night, for instance, Niall Horan opted to drink a chunky salmon smoothie instead of naming his least favorite member of One Direction (dude, just say Zayn). His choice also meant that his team partner Isla Fisher had to drink salmon, because fame is a cruel, fickle master. Later in the segment, Niall also admitted that if he had to choose to spend his last night on Earth with his one of his exes, Ellie Goulding or Selena Gomez, he would choose Goulding, because they could watch Planet Earth together. It was a nice gesture, mostly because Isla Fisher didn’t have to eat more gross things.

Niall Horan Will Not Name His Least Favorite 1D