The Oakland A’s Apologize for Getting Into a Heated Twitter Feud With Smash Mouth

Photo: Brad Barket/Getty Images

Everyone has an oily well of anger and resentment pooling inside their souls. Toss in the match of social media and next thing you know, KA-BOMB!, Smash Mouth and the Oakland Athletics are at each other’s throats on Twitter. The band best known for hits such as “All-Star” and “I’m a Believer” from the Shrek soundtrack initially replied to San Francisco Chronicle sports writer John Shea with an unflattering comment about the A’s in support of current Indians player Coco Crisp, a comment that soon caught the attention of whoever monitors the internet for unflattering comments about the A’s. Deeply ironic accusations about “desperately tweeting for relevancy” and savage “hey nows” subsequently flew between Smash Mouth and the A’s, with actual players like Oakland pitcher Sean Doolittle offering their own puns. After the smoke cleared, the A’s offered a mea culpa and free tickets to Smash Mouth by way of apology. Looks like we all learned an important lesson about getting into fights on social media, and that lesson is: Don’t be Smash Mouth.

The Oakland A’s Apologize for Smash Mouth Feud