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Your Nerd-in-Chief Barack Obama Made a List of the Best Sci-Fi Entities Available for Your Viewing Pleasure

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Photo: Sara D. Davis/Getty Images

Of Barack Obama’s many lasting legacies, one will undoubtedly be his place in history as our coolest president … who’s also a total Poindexter. For the last leg of his senior year, the president is nerding out with the folks over at Wired, guest-editing their November issue and penning a list of must-see sci-fi movies and television. The list, titled “TOMORROWLANDS, A Sci-Fi Viewing List to Expand Your Mind to New Horizons,” has eight picks, with Obama’s explanations for each. His selections include 2001: A Space Odyssey (“it captures the grandeur and scale of the unknown”), Blade Runner (“it asks what it means to be human”), Close Encounters of the Third Kind (“it is fundamentally optimistic”), The Martian (“it shows humans as problem solvers”), and Cosmos (“it fed my lifelong fascination with space”). Of course, not all of the commander-in-chief’s reasoning is so weighty; he also picked The Matrix because “it asks basic questions about our reality — and looks cool.” And as for one of the great questions of the fandom age, both Star Trek (original series only) and Star Wars make the grade — so much for that alleged Vulcan bias.

Obama Reveals His Favorite Sci-Fi Entities