Patton Oswalt Makes a Compelling Write-in Candidate in Weezer’s ‘I Love the USA’ Music Video

The end of election season is nigh, but serenity isn’t here yet and we are so, so tired. Ours is a coarse nation in need of a salve; thank heavens, then, that we have write-in candidate Patton Oswalt to do the job. Oswalt’s the man with the presidential plan in the music video for Weezer’s “I Love the USA,” and that vision is shredding in the Oval Office. Rivers Cuomo also pops up in the video as a Secret Service agent intent on harshing Oswalt’s White House–crashing vibe. Look, no one here is trying to celebrate a security breach, but, come on, isn’t a president who isn’t ashamed to bear a fanny pack looooong overdue?

Patton Oswalt Gets Presidential in Weezer Video