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Your Poor, Sweet Dad Stephen Colbert Makes a Reaction Video to Trump’s Leaked Groping Comments

Much like you wanted to shield your parents from any particularly lurid sex scenes in a movie, despite the fact you were only a teenager and they had ostensibly had enough sex to create you, you might feel compelled to protect Stephen Colbert from hearing Donald Trump’s truly disgusting leaked Access Hollywood audio. (If your dad knew who Billy Bush was, he’d be disappointed in him, too.) Stephen Colbert has always held himself with a dignified, fatherly air, so watching him process Trump’s repulsive comments is more than a little sad. “All the Tic Tacs in the world will not freshen his breath after this,” he declares, another sign that Stephen Colbert holds everyone to a higher standard, but only because he knows what they’re all capable of if they really applied themselves, champ.

Poor Stephen Colbert Makes Trump Reaction Video