Reddit Found Barb’s Look-alike, Also Named Barb, Who Is Reportedly Alive and Well

Ha! We hope you didn’t think the internet ran out of content about Stranger Things’ Barb. Redditor jujuness posted a picture of the ill-fated Barb juxtaposed with one of their co-workers on Imgur, writing, “My coworker brought in her senior picture from the 80’s. Also her name is Barbra and goes by Barb.” She survived the Demogorgon, you guys! “She’s a red headed older woman, super nice and, a great nurse!” jujuness writes. “She said she was freaked out when watching the show, because she saw herself. I would be too!” We’re so glad to hear that Barb has adjusted to our dimension, because it can be a rough transition from the Upside Down.

Reddit Found Barb’s Look-alike, Also Named Barb