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Random Questions for Ricky Gervais Lead to Answers About Cucumbers and Pendulums on Tonight Show

When Jimmy Fallon warned Ricky Gervais that he might have to answer some personal questions as part of the “Random People, Random Questions” segment on the Tonight Show, Gervais took the “personal” aspect as something of a challenge. It seems doubtful the woman-on-the-street who was filmed asking the comedian, “What is the worst thing about getting older?” was expecting a detailed explanation from Gervais about what happens to certain portions of his anatomy in a bathtub now that he’s past 50-years-old, but that’s indeed the answer she, and the world, got. Fallon was certainly surprised by The Office star’s response to a question about hugging, revealed mid-embrace. Watch the video above.

Ricky Gervais Talks Cucumbers and Pendulums