Rob Delaney Is Raising Money for Opponents of the ‘Spineless Shit Loaves’ Who Un-Endorsed Trump

No matter how terrifying, bigoted, or hypocritical Donald Trump and his supporters get this election season, comedians are still finding ways to turn the ugliest parts of the campaign into opportunities to do good. First was Superstore writer Owen Ellickson’s hugely successful “Trump Leaks” charity campaign last week, and this week, Rob Delaney is promoting a fundraiser by ActBlue that raises money for opponents of all the politicians who have un-endorsed Trump since the Access Hollywood tape leaked last week. Here’s what Delaney said on Tumblr in a post called “No Getting Off the Train”:

That’s what it took for you to disavow him? Since I’m not a total moron, I know that what really happened is that it finally became clear to anyone who knows how elections work that Trump was definitely going to lose. This became conventional wisdom about two weeks ago. So the same drive for self-preservation that led these turd balls to endorse him in the first place has compelled them to pull the rip cord when Access Hollywood revealed their pussy tape and gave them the opportunity to pretend they care about women or something. (When they’ve endorsed a guy whose running mate is Mike Pence.) Ha ha, that is funny. Funny ha ha; like a clown. To them I say: fuck you. No. I am going to give money - and encourage others to give money - to the people running against you if you formally un-endorsed Trump on or after October 7, the day the tape was played for America. Nope, you are welded to Trump until the end, you spineless shit loaves. The good people of ActBlue were kind enough to put together a site where you can give money to the opponents of the senators, congressmen, governors and state legislators who’ve unendorsed Trump on or after October 7th. It doesn’t include some people I truly loathe, like Paul Ryan, but that’s because he’s stuck to his guns thus far and continues to toe the line, like a good little Republican. Nope, I’m talking about the real garbage, the people who want it both ways; the people who got on the train, and now want to get off. Fuck you baby, you’re on the train till it crashes into the American Electorate at full speed. Keep your eyes open and stay alert; I want you to feel it.

Read the rest of Delaney’s post here, and head over to the ActBlue “Challenging Opportunistic GOP Candidates” page to donate.

Rob Delaney Is Raising Money for Opponents of the […]