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Dwayne Johnson Pranks Kevin Hart on the Jumanji Set, and Now Everybody Is Gonna Want to Throw Spiders on Kevin Hart

Photo: Instagram: @therock

There’s a fine line between “playing a prank” and “methodically breaking down your costar Kevin Hart with psychological torture.” However, if an actor or actress were to repeatedly trick you into thinking your poor, fragile human body was being assailed by insects and snakes, you would hope it would be Dwayne Johnson, with a rubber spider, on the set of the upcoming Jumanji reboot. Chris Pine on the set of Star Trek Beyond? No thanks. Emily Blunt on the set of The Girl on the Train? Not on your life. Viola Davis on the set of Fences? Actually, hmmm, you’ll think about this one.

The Rock Pranks Kevin Hart on the Jumanji Set