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Roger Daltrey Thinks Rock Has ‘Reached a Dead End’ and Rap Is the Future

The Who Hits 50! North American Tour - Newark
Photo: Kevin Mazur/2016 Kevin Mazur

Long live rock, be it dead or alive, because the Who’s Roger Daltrey has just eulogized the genre in a way that will surely make the hearts of boomers ache and break. In a new interview with the Sunday Times, Daltrey lamented that good ol’ fashioned rock-and-roll is, simply, dead and incapable of any more evolution. “The sadness for me is that rock has reached a dead end,” he said. “The only people saying things that matter are the rappers and most pop is meaningless and forgettable.” He also believes that the showmanship of modern musicians no longer makes a formidable impression as it has in the past. “You watch these people,” he said, “and you can’t remember a bloody thing.” If it’s any consolation, though, the Rolling Stones will probably be touring until they’re 175 years old, and the Who made the perfect ode to rock back in the ’70s that you can drown your sorrows to.

Roger Daltrey Thinks Rock Music Is Dead