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Ryan Adams Is Shaking Off Full Album Covers After His Version of Taylor Swift’s 1989

2015 Governors Ball Music Festival - Day 2
Photo: C Flanigan/Getty Images

Ryan Adams might have made quite the splash in 2015 when he covered 1989, track-for-track, just one year after Taylor Swift’s original release, unfortunately it seems not everyone appreciated the effort as much as Tay did. On Twitter Monday night, Adams responded to a fan requesting the singer cover Oasis’s Be Here Now, “Thanks but not gonna cover an album again.” Adams went on to explain his misgivings about such an endeavor, reportedly alluding to his 1989 cover, “1000 jabs later what we made for fun has been made to be somethin else.” He also revealed that his rumored version of the Strokes’ Is This It will never see Spotify or the like. ““It will never be released. It wasn’t ever meant to be,” Adams wrote, also stating that it had been accidentally erased. Read the tweets below.

Ryan Adams Says He’s Done Covering Full Albums