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Samantha Bee Reminds Trump: ‘You Weren’t in a Locker Room. You Were at Work.’

As we continue to trudge along the grueling path that is the 2016 election, Samantha Bee graciously helps us get through Debate No. 2: The Night We Gave Up. While Trump rounded up four women who claimed to be victimized by the Clintons, Bee knew that this would not work, because rubbing a woman’s face in her husband’s infidelities is not the way to America’s heart. In fact, we love wronged wives: “This is the same America that is still obsessed with Jennifer Aniston.” During the debate, highlights included Trump “stalking his opponent around the stage like he’s Leatherface,” and “fornicating with a chair.” But hey, he’s a star — he can do anything! Watch the video above.

Samantha Bee Breaks Down the Debate, Slams Trump