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Samantha Bee, President of the Nasty Woman Club, Says ‘Hell, Yes’ to Hillary Clinton Schooling Trump on Abortion

Nasty women, assemble! Your leader Samantha Bee has seen the third and final presidential debate, watched Donald Trump misinform the entire country on late-term abortions, is now equipped with a loudspeaker (because how else would a woman be heard?), and would kindly like the floor. Just how wrong were both Trump and debate moderator Chris Wallace about women’s reproductive rights? Uh, “bigly.” Allow Bee to scream into the void: PARTIAL-BIRTH ABORTIONS AREN’T A THING! Also not a thing? Common sense as it relates to Trump’s understanding of how abortions work. “It sounds a lot like Trump has confused abortions with bear attacks,” Bee says. Luckily, there’s Hillary Clinton — er, “Miss Rodham, if you’re nasty” — the living embodiment of “hell, yes” when it comes to “beat[ing] this dickwaving Berlusconi knockoff like a little bitch” on all things feminism. And hell, yes, Bee is selling her nasty-woman shirts to help fund Planned Parenthood. Wear one at the polls and scare some men for fun.

Samantha Bee: Trump on Abortion Is ‘Bigly Wrong’