Sarah Jessica Parker Was Fired From 2 Animated Movies

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Photo: Bravo/ Getty Images

Hollywood has spoken and it appears the powers that be love Sarah Jessica Parker’s voice, but only when it’s attached to her face. During an interview with Howard Stern, SJP revealed that she was fired from both Antz and Home on the Range. “The first time,” Parker told Stern, “They were like, ‘We’re going in a different direction.’ Which I had always heard, like, as a joke.” But the actress conceded that the producers of Antz might have been honest with their intentions after they replaced her voice with Sharon Stone’s sultry delivery. “I was like, ‘Oh, you really did go a different [direction],” Parker said. She was let go from both films after “many sessions” — Home on the Range even fired her after calling her up to say she was “great” the week before. Her bad luck when it comes to playing nonhumans, however, is limited to her film career: “I’ve had no success playing an animal, except I played a dog onstage.” Hear the clip below.

S. J. Parker Was Fired From 2 Animated Movies