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Seth Meyers Unveils His Own Conspiracy Theory About Donald Trump’s Taxes

In the past week, while Donald Trump was distracted by his urge to unleash late-night Twitter tirades against a former Miss Universe, the New York Times was working on a damning article about the Republican nominee’s 1995 tax returns. There are plenty of juicy details to fixate on — Trump’s nearly billion dollar loss, the possibility that he didn’t pay any income tax for nearly two decades, the way his business losses affected his less-wealthy investors — but Late Night’s Seth Meyers was particularly interested in taking a closer look at where the anonymously sent tax document came from. “Who would have a motive to destroy Donald Trump?” Meyers asked, before pictures of various Republican politicians, women scorned, and a whole nation popped up to answer his question. The host, however, has his own theory on why the damaging documents came in an envelope with Trump Towers labelled as the return address. Watch the video above to find out who Seth thinks is the culprit. Here’s a hint: “The killer is inside the house.”   

Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at Trump’s Taxes